MISSION STATEMENT: To honor and recognize the Veterans and special emphasis in honoring the Korean War Veterans and Inspiring America’s Future Leaders.

Phil Patterson

Board of Director

Sam Bertling



Stephanie Walburn

Community Relations

KC Bertling


Edna Cole

Hospitality Chair

2 Corinthians 9:6 (KJV)

But this I say, he which soweth sparingly shall reap sparingly, and he which soweth

bountifully shall reap also bountifully. 

KC Bertling a native of Republic of Korea sharing a hot meal with Korean War Veterans was her childhood ambition.  Finally, in 2006, KC and her husband Sam had the golden opportunity with a local Korean restaurant owner to host the first luncheon with six Veterans and two spouses in attendance.

Since then the luncheon program has grown beyond anyone's expectations as they continued to host annual lunches paid out of their own pockets.  After much of prayers and consideration for expenses as attendances grew larger each year, the Legacy 4 Korean War Veterans Foundation came to life as 501 (c)(3), a nonprofit organization in January 2011.

In November 2012, Sam and KC sponsored nine Korean War Veterans and three guardians to “Revisit Korea” with all expenses paid.  All nine veterans who took this trip to Revisit Korea shared their testimonies how this trip brought profound impact on their lives and healings to the war-torn memories for more than six decades.

Honoring the Korean War Veterans is their primary goal as these veterans has been practically forgotten from societies, and it is founders’ determination to continue to honor Korean War Veterans as often as possible while Inspiring America’s Future Leaders.

In 2020, the Legacy 4 Korean War Veterans Foundation will celebrate their 15th year honoring the Korean War Veterans, and they are working on details to make this event the most memorable event ever with entire community members.

KC believe even a vilest sinner can be redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. (Luke 23:41-43)